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Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Monday, April 8th, 2024
7:00 PM
Ebenezer United Methodist Church, 161 Embrey Mill Road, Stafford, VA 22554

I.    Call to Order: Not enough Board members were present at the usual 7PM start time. Board 
President, Melissa introduced Board of Supervisors Garrisonville District Supervisor, Dr. Yeung and 
the Director of Stafford Parks and Recreation Mr. Brion Southall to everyone. The meeting was 
called to order at 7:07PM.

II.  Welcome and Introductions: President Melissa Scheiman welcomed everyone and introduced the 

a.   Melissa Scheiman, President
b.   Dale Jones, Vice President
c.   Stephanie DeMarco, Secretary
d.   Courtney Van Buren, Member-at-Large
e.   Adam Bartolomeo, Member-at-Large (not present)
f.   Deonna Cooper, Member-at-Large

III. Verification of Quorum: Confirmed at 7:08 PM

IV. Approval of the Agenda: Approved at 7:09 PM

V.   Community Comments:

a.   Stephanie inquired if anyone knew about the tarps that were laid out behind the Autumn Ridge 
homes along the paved trail that runs along Eustace and going toward H.H. Poole Middle School. 
Brion said he will look into it.

b.   Courtney motioned for Barbara Rice to join the Board. Dale seconded the motion; Dale motioned 
for Abigail Feldman to join the Board; Stephanie seconded.

c.   Dr. Yeung and Mr. Southall spoke on the county’s interest in assuming the responsibility of 
the Autumn Ridge tennis and basketball courts, transferring the land from Autumn Ridge Community 
(AR) to the County. Should Autumn Ridge proceed with the transfer of property, the County would 
look to expand the courts, as well as Autumn Ridge Park with the land that would be transferred. 
The community asked a few questions regarding the design, parking, and how to move forward. Dr. 
Yeung stated the parks can be designed as the community wants it; She will fight for funding as we 
need it, for the safety of the citizens. The community is encouraged to attend the Board of 
Supervisors meetings as a means to obtain our needs. Both Dr. Yeung and Mr. Southall reiterated the 
fact that they are here to serve us. The Parks & Rec commission unanimously voted for Mr. Southall 
to pursue this effort with AR, for the County to obtain the responsibility of, and expand upon,  
the courts and park.

i.    Mr. Southall briefly mentioned some possible upgrades could include a walking trail, 
additional courts, upgraded (and repositioned) playground, additional parking and a small dog park. 
VDOT has many (costly) requirements for the creation of a sidewalk, therefore, it would be 
beneficial to create a paved trail/path, on the property and not on VDOT easement land, leading 
from the Park to the Courts, rather than a sidewalk; This will save time and money.
ii.   There is current existing money which can be used to enable initial implementation soon.

iii.  The community spoke about the increased traffic over the years, the history of Autumn Ridge 
development, and safety issues that have occurred in recent years, including a child of Autumn 
Ridge hit by a car while riding a bicycle to the basketball courts.
iv.  Mr. Southall explained how the County is moving away from the need to drive to a destination- 
type-of-park to creating more community-based parks within residential walking distance.
v.   Dale asked for a permanent building of restrooms to be established. Unfortunately, the county 
officials’ response is that most of the land (near and underground) Autumn Ridge park is restricted 
for Dominion power easement and we have limitations in providing a restroom facility.
vi.  Courtney asked whether we could include a pool and/or clubhouse in the new design. Mr. 
Southall explained there are additional complications beyond the Dominion Power’s underground 
easement which include storm water management and occupancy requirements to include parking spaces.
vii. A concern was brought to attention whether the County would repurpose the grounds after Autumn 
Ridge community transitions the land to them. Mr. Southall reassured everyone that the County wants 
the area to remain as a Park and Courts, and with our District Supervisor’s support that will not 
happen. If Autumn Ridge were to pursue the transition, we could put into writing our wishes for the 
viii. NEXT STEPS: The next steps include clearly identifying the land (to be transitioned), to 
include the cemetery and a portion of wet rock road. The original Autumn Ridge developer’s proffer 
would need to be removed and release the requirement for the proffer. Mr. Southall is going to work 
with the planning and zoning dept to research what is needed to separate the park from the 
developer’s proffer. If the county releases the requirement, and 2/3 of the community chooses to 
proceed forward, the work of an attorney will be required to amend governing documents. Currently 
Autumn Ridge has 8 separate declarations because it was developed in 8 sections. Attorney fees 
could be brought to the Board of Supervisors for payment request. The land transition and cost to 
implement the new design must be approved by the Stafford Board of Supervisors. If approved, the 
savings would be returned to the Autumn Ridge community (whether by reduced HOA cost, or other) and 
HOA payments would then be adjusted accordingly after review.
ix.   Regarding the cemetery and portion of Wet Rock Rd. that Autumn Ridge owns, a suggestion was 
provided to seek the help of maintenance from local nonprofits, such as the boy scouts.

VI. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved by the Board and Community members 8:12 PM.

VII. Officers Reports:

a.   Financials: Melissa approved and Courtney Seconded.
b.   No other Officers’ reports.

VIII. Manager’s Report The Action Item List was reviewed by Deborah and will be updated after this 
meeting accordingly. See list for more details.

IX. Unfinished Business

a.   Resource Protected Area (RPA)-This topic will be tabled until next month’s meeting.

b.   Cost Proposal for RPA Signage: The cost estimate to install each sign is $335.78.

X.  New Business:

a.   Tree Removal Proposal -Deborah provided an estimate to remove two trees, per residents’ 
Melissa made motion to remove trees (2) for $750; Courtney and Dale seconded the motion at 8:18 PM.
b.   Updated Reserve Study - VA state requires an updated reserve study every 5 years; The cost is
$2300 and the HOA can use reserve money to pay for it; Melissa motioned to approve at 8:24PM and 
Courtney seconded to move the money to pay for the reserve study.

This meeting was adjourned by Melissa at 8:24 to enter Executive Sessions and seconded by Dale.

XI.  Enter Into Executive Session

a.   Extended Financials - reviewed by Debbie and introduced to new Board members;

XII. Note All Actions.

a.   Brief discussion took place regarding the information provided by Dr. Yeung and Brion 
Southall. Stephanie will reach out to the County to create a visual design that the HOA can use to 
present and explain the changes to residents so that they may vote to proceed forward. We will seek 
to have the county to provide flyers of options, overlay possibilities, etc.
b.   The Autumn Ridge website and Facebook social media page will be updated with Parks & Rec 
updates and information as it develops.

XIII. Exit Executive Session and Motion to Adjourn: 8:59 PM Melissa motioned and Dale approved to
end the meeting.

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