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Home Warranty Information

For replacement or repair of mailbox or mailbox post:

Mailbox Post 4 x 4 PT #1 W.R.
Item 4484
6 ft. 1/2 in. long/high

Home Depot:
Mailbox Post Gothic Top Treated
Item 30332
7 ft. 1 in. long/high

Both posts need a platform for the mailbox to sit on.  If you cannot reuse your existing platform or cannot cut a board to size to match your previous platform Lowes sells a mounting board:
Item 4642 for $2.97

Both Home Depot and Lowes sell new mailboxes.  Here is the one from Home Depot:
Mailbox (black, metal, red flag) is the Strong Box
Item 37715

Mailboxes need to meet post office and state highway department standards (bottom of box is 36 inches from ground).

There are several sources for mailbox post stain. 
Please make sure you are purchasing a solid color stain:
Lowes: Olympic - chocolate  (solid color stain)
Home Depot: Behr - chocolate
Duron:  Lodge Brown
Sherwin Williams:  SW3007 - Deckscapes


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