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Home Warranty Information

For replacement or repair of mailbox or mailbox post:

Mailboxes should not exceed the size of the original mailbox provided by the developer. To facilitate mail delivery the height of the mailbox (measured from the bottom of the curb (street) to the door of the mailbox (when opened) should be approximately 3.75 feet. The mailbox should be placed in the same location as the original mailbox provided by the developer, with the base of the post approximately 2 feet from the curb.

Additionally, one plastic newspaper delivery box can be attached to the side of the post. For safety reasons, mailboxes should not have sharp corners or edges and will not inhibit access to the sidewalk or street. Residents can customize their mailboxes with tasteful accessories such as magnetic mailbox covers and address numbers.


Plantings around the mailbox are also acceptable but will not impede mail delivery or use of the street and sidewalk. Deviations in mailbox size, color, construction materials, or other aspects of the guidelines above require architectural committee approval prior to mailbox installation

There are several sources for mailbox post stain. 
Please make sure you are purchasing a solid color stain:
Lowes: Olympic - chocolate  (solid color stain)
Home Depot: Behr - chocolate
Duron:  Lodge Brown
Sherwin Williams:  SW3007 - Deckscapes


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